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Most of our work is in Commercial Painting. The images above are a few examples of some of the new construction and repaint commercial buildings. Please email invitations to bid and blueprints to




Our Commercial Services:


+ Retail Store and Tenant Finishes

+ LEED - Green Sure - Low VOC and ZERO VOC painting

+ Warehouses and storage Facilities

+ Any size Commercial Building Painting

+ High Rise Painting - insured and certified for up to 8 Stories

+ Parking Lot Enclosures and Line Striping

+ Large Scale Staining, Lacquer, Polyurethane Fine Finishing

+ Mountain Lodges, Hotels, Motels, and Condos

+ Multi-Level Deck systems

+ Any work that involves Booms, Scissor lifts, and even 185' Cranes...

+ Schools, Offices, and Institutions



At Rock Solid Painting, we know how deadlines have to be met. We know that scheduling can be tricky. We pride ourselves with being one of the most flexible painting companies when it comes to your schedule. You name the time and the place, and we will be there. We know that General Contractors don't have time to waste so we will bring as many professionals as it takes to get the job completed on time, every time.


Our experience in commercial painting exceeds most and we are proud of that. Our portfolio includes an array of projects spanning from warehouse painting to hotel painting to mountain lodge painting. We have completed many projects for companies like 7 Eleven, Denver Mattress, Big Sur, Wells Fargo Banks, Wachovia Banks, Bedroom Expressions, Oak Express, Praxair, Cameron, Devils Thumb Ranch and Resort Spa, Bear Creek Lodge, Le Rouge, Miramont Castle, Marriot, and many other corporate chains.


We also have completed many Government buildings for a myriad of vendors. Some buildings include the Federal Center in Denver, Garage and Warehouse Painting on bases like Ft Carson, Buckley AFB, the Air Force Academy, and are currently working on contracts with Warren AFB.


Historical Painting Services

Rock Solid Painting, LLC goes beyond just commercial renovation and construction, we also tackle Historical sites such as Miramont Castle, Downtown Colorado Springs Law Offices, and historical homes.



Not Just Colorado...

Most commercial painting contractors will only work in their own city. We at Rock Solid Painting know the importance of commercial relationships and that not all jobs will be conveniently located in one’s own hometown, that is why we service the entire United States and have picked up clients like 7 Eleven Wells Fargo, Wachovia, and Wendy's. If you have the work, we have the man power and capability.


In Colorado, we mainly service Denver, Colorado Springs, Winter Park, Aurora, Castle Rock, Manitou, Ft Collins, and Loveland. Please call our local offices at 719.650.3362 or 303.968.0122.



Please contact us regarding multi-unit pricing or for any estimates. Please forward any emails, invitations to bid, or blueprints to or fax them to 303.968.0122.