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Custom Homes

Rock Solid Painting, LLC, is a full service Commercial, Residential, Customs, and Industrial painting contractor with branches in both Denver and Colorado Springs - We service the entire West Coast and the Colorado market.

Our company mission and focus is customer service.
We have the background, knowledge, manpower, and equipment
necessary to handle all of our clients needs.

We specialize in commercial production work, but have a background in
industrial coatings, epoxy coatings, HVLP fine-finish, waterproofing, and electrostatic work.

Our client list includes general contractors, industrial spec companies, architects, technical consultants, and property management companies. We also work directly with the leading businesses in our area.


+ Large scale production jobs, ie. RTD Operations Center, Devils Thumb Resort...

+ New commercial and industrial coatings, spray-applied coatings, HVLP, and electrostatic.

+ Existing Commercial / Industrial Construction

+ Industrial Epoxy and Urethane Finishes, Polyurethanes, Marine Coatings, Industrial Enamels, Direct to Metal, HP Acrylics, Alkylides, Oil based products, stains, Lacquer, Elastomeric waterproofing, Acid Proof Coatings for Containments, and Chemical Resistant Coatings for decks, trenches and pits.

+ Shot blasting, Power-washing, and Sandblasting.

+ Maintenance Management Services

Our "niche" market is specialized industrial coatings and production commercial work.
We have experience in renovating restaurants, lounges,
retail stores, and sand refineries.

Our future goal is to explore marine coatings for the offshore oil rig industry.