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Rock Solid IndustrialPainting and Coatings is another division of our company. The images above are a few examples of some of the industrial projects we have completed. Please email invitations to bid and blueprints to




Our Industrial Services:


+ Sandblasting, Soda-blasting, Water-blasting, any media blasting

+ Tanks and Towers

+ Mechanical Parts and Heavy Machinary

+ Encapsulation

+ Compressors or compressor machinary

+ High and low temp equipment

+ Piping, grids, linings

+ Oil and Sand Refineries

+ Chemical Resistant Coatings

+ Rail Road equipment

+ Hazardous and confined spaces

+ Structural Steel and Membranes

+ Fire Retardant and Intumescent Painting

+ Epoxy floors and Safety Color Coatings




At Rock Solid Industrial Painting, how important our clients production line is, so we schedule around whatever dates are necessary. We have had cleints require 3x8hour shift 24/7 for 3 months straight. We pride ourselves with being one of the most flexible painting companies when it comes to your schedule. You name the time and the place, and we will be there. We also know the importance of SSCP NACE consulting, therefore we have a part-time nace consultant for any of your industrial coating needs. Whether it's paint failure or generalized coatings consulting, we have got you covered.


Some of our Industrial Clients are: Ogle Bay Norten, Praxair, CamCompression, City of Idahoe Springs, Waste Management, just to name a few...


Not Just Colorado...

Most commercial and industrial painting contractors will only work in their own city. We at Rock Solid Painting know the importance of commercial relationships and that not all jobs will be conveniently located in one’s own hometown, that is why we service the entire United States. If you have the work, we have the man power, knowledge, and capability.





Please contact us regarding multi-unit pricing or for any estimates. Please forward any emails, invitations to bid, or blueprints to or fax them to 303.968.0122.